"the play's the thing"

Theatre The New York Times talks to Carly DiFulvio Allen, company manager of the Roundabout Theatre in New York about one of the industry's lesser known requirements - finding accommodation for visiting actors and crew members. It's not easy:
"Whether for a Broadway show or a nonprofit-theater production, company and general managers cobble together a wide variety of options, including corporate housing, rental buildings with flexible landlords, and furnished apartments found through brokers who specialize in short-term leases. (General managers say those brokers can become well practiced in negotiating a broken lease if, say, a show closes earlier than expected.) The amount a production is willing or able to spend on housing varies widely, as well. Marie-Claire Martineau, an associate broker and owner at Maison International, who regularly works with theaters and productions, said it can range from less than $3,000 a month up to $8,000, or even, in very rare cases, more than $10,000 for a major star."
The accommodating of animals can often, it seems, also be a deal breaker.

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