The Shadow Proclamation.

People Since the smoking ban in Paris, there's been a marked increase in the amount of noise on the streets. In an attempt to recreate some of the city's former atmosphere, city hall have recruited, and this either brilliant or terrifying depending on the kind of person you are, an army of mimes to walk the streets and suggest that people might want to socialise with less volume:
"Patrolling the city since March last year, this group of mute, sad-faced, black and white-clad mediators stalk the city’s busy bar strips on weekend nights, gently encouraging people to drink, smoke and chat at a lower volume. Usually never uttering a word (though followed by leaflet-distributing "mediatisers"), the Pierrots work under a slogan not easy to translate snappily: "Create atmosphere without turning up the volume." Their leader explained their intentions to Le Bonbon Nuit magazine thus:
"We want to offer a moment of poetry, of dreaming…many emotions happen, at times even people come to cry in our arms. The only condition is that our artists are silent: mimes, actors, breathers of poetry, circus artists or stilt-walkers."
Add this to the list entitled, "Just you try this here..."

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