Jennifer Lawrence's new film.

Film Firstly, this advert, which is awful and a tie-up which also means Lawrence's image is stuck in the window of Subways throughout the land.  Notice that the comments are turned off under this upload at YouTube as though the sandwhich shop senses its disastrous potential.

Secondly, this quote round-up at New York Magazine. Example:

"Just recently, I read a script that had me sobbing. I've never been so moved by a story, and I thought it was so beautiful and amazing, and I just couldn't wait for this script to get made so that the world could see it … but I just wasn't her, I just wasn't the character. And I also had an experience once where I read the script, and I loved it, but I couldn't stop picturing Amanda Seyfried. So I e-mailed the people [behind the movie] and said, 'You gotta hire Amanda Seyfried for this!'"

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