The future of Doctor Who. In 1963.

TV As part of my personal celebration of Doctor Who's 50th, I've decided to also watch some of the other programmes which were broadcast that night. After visiting the Liverpool Central Library this morning I gathered some photocopies of the television schedules for that day, though not daytime on the BBC, the page having been torn out and since replaced by a photocopy, featuring as it did the preview for An Unearthly Child. Whoever replaced it didn't think to include whatever was on the back. Either way, glancing through the programmes, I've found that to an extent it's like seeing random, coincidental aspects of the franchise's future on a single night.

Of course.  Plus:

"Incidental music composed and conducted by Ron Grainer" who was a busy composer that evening.

Over on ITV, or rather ABC:

Notice the mighty Donald Sutherland, 90s rumour Doctor as Hotel Clerk. A bit tenuous. Oh well, um ...

It's the Espionage episode with future Master actor Roger Delgado. In a fez.

It's an Avengers episode by future Doctor Who scribe Malcolm Hulke, who'd later write Delgado's final story, Frontier in Space.

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