Tom Paulin reviews Attack of the Clones.

Film From 2002 (obviously), a classic culture clash as the Will Self of the 90s reviews Star Wars on Newsnight Review:
Tom Paulin, Star Wars makes a lot of money, still does. Does it make any sense?

I thought so. I had a dread of going to it. I had never seen any of the other movies, and I got absolutely fascinated by it.

This is an extraordinary epic about the American Republic, and it starts with the idea of a civil war, of course, America fought a bloody civil war to preserve the Republic.

On the one hand, it's saying to most of its viewers that out there is an axis of evil, far galaxies, there are these terrible people. But on the other hand, it's saying actually the axis of evil is part of us. We are split. So it's something to do with George Bush having won, narrowly or illicitly...
And it just keeps getting better and better...

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