Beyond The Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array.

Beyond The Visible: The Story of the Very Large Array from NRAO Outreach on Vimeo.

Space This can't be described much better than the text from the Vimeo page:
"Created in 2013 as the new interpretive film for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA) public Visitor Center, this 24-minute production explores the synergies of technology and human curiosity that power the world's most productive radio telescope. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster (star of the film "Contact," which was based on the novel by Carl Sagan and filmed at the VLA), the program depicts many of the people whose diverse efforts enable the VLA to be a cutting-edge resource for astronomers and humanity worldwide."
Worth watching for the section about how the telescopes are transported around the site, miles and miles of railway track, and how their positioning changes the kinds of imagery and the parts of the universe the dishes are able to survey.

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