Ladies' Normal Hill Individual Ski-jumping. At Sochi.

Sport Just in case any of you took up my recommendation to watch the documentary about women's ski-jumping, Ready To Fly, the much fought for Ladies' Normal Hill Individual Ski-jumping championship is on the 11th February beginning at 4:30pm UK time (about 9pm Sochi time).

 If you're somewhere else you can work out what the local start time will be on the Sochi Olympics website though it doesn't include the qualifying round so you'll need to take half an hour away.

In theory it should be available to stream through the BBC's website here.  You may have a local service.

In US terms, Sarah Hendrickson & Lindsey Van who both appear in the documentary have been chosen to compete which means we'll effectively be watching Ready To Fly's real third act.

There's an interview with Van on Today's website.

A question on vocabulary.  Why are some Olympic sports listed as "ladies" events, while others are "women's"?  Ski jumping is for ladies.  Ice Hockey is for women.

Either way, it looks like I can cheer them on with a clear conscience (at least in Olympic competition terms) too because Team GB doesn't seem to be sending any ski-jumpers.

But it's not going to be easy.

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