In Motion.

In Motion from Aaron Grimes on Vimeo.

Geography Aaron Grimes offers a technical explanation for how this was achieved at his Vimeo page but the upshot is, and I can't tell if this was his intention, that he mimics how humans visually interact with the world. We rarely look at everything, altogether.  Our attention is usually focused on a single thing or person and for just a second or two and it's these stolen moments which Grimes has slowed down in his film.  In large cities, it's about the only way, other than reading, that we can make sense of the confusion.  To some extent, it's a visual representation of the kinds of incidents Mike Birbiglia talked about on This American Life last week, of trying to work out how long its possible to inadvertently (or purposefully) look at someone before it becomes creepy.  The other option, as per other shots, is to stand back and let the entire vista wash over us as we try not to become overwhelmed by the sheer everything of everything.

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