"We spent New Year’s Eve at a hotel bar in Ho Chi Minh"

Geography Ellie Taylor spent New Year in Vietnam:
"We spent New Year’s Eve at a hotel bar in Ho Chi Minh observing local New Year’s customs by watching a ten piece latin band from Brazil do things with bongos whilst wearing Easyjet orange satin waistcoats. While us Brits welcome in the New Year with Auld Lang Zyne, it turns out the Vietnamese prefer a group sing a long to Shakira’s greatest recording accomplishment ‘Waka Waka’. Nothing makes you feel more immersed in South-East Asian culture than loudly yelling ‘This time for Africa!’ with a room full of Russian ex-pats as the clock strikes midnight."
Shakira's latest epic featuring Rhianna is coincidentally doing the rounds. Like Waka Waka, it's one of her mainstream efforts though unlike Waka Waka, it's near impossible to sing along to in the traditional sense.

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