Short Hair.

Feminism Laurie Penny answers a really, really incorrect column about why women who have short hair are somehow "damaged". Frankly, I don't see it's anyone business how another person looks or wants to (unless there's some kind of work related rule but even then...). The stuff about how she grew her hair long to please her boyfriend makes me embarrassed about my gender:
"I’ve experimented with growing the crop out twice, encouraged both times by men I was dating. It seemed like the thing to do to make myself more pleasing to potential boyfriends, potential bosses, and other people with potential power over my personal happiness. Both times, it looked awful. It took a lot of effort and a surprising amount of money to maintain, and it still looked awful, and I didn’t feel like myself. Growing it past my chin took determination, because every day I’d look in the mirror and want to take the razor to it right then and there."

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