Music To the "Sugababes" where it's all gone a bit Taylor Swift. Heidi in the Daily Record:
Liverpool-born Heidi certainly doesn’t fancy doing TV show The Big Reunion that brought fellow Scousers Atomic Kitten back together last year.

She said: “The Big Reunion isn’t something I’d want to do at the moment. I know they say never say never but I’m not interested just now.

“Jade is doing her musical Tonight’s The Night and I believe Amelle is in the studio working on solo material.

“We don’t speak and don’t really phone each other but we send each other tweets and messages and I see the girls at some things.

“I’ve not seen Amelle since May, when both of them came to my 30th birthday.”
It's all gone a bit quiet on the MKS front too. Album finished apparently, protestations of still be bezzies on Twitter and yet ...

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