Blind Dating in LA.

Theatre To LA, where the 3 Clubs in Hollywood is paying host to a theatrical improv experiment of the kind which you usually hear about as disastrously working through a three week run in an Edinburgh church back room during the festival but has every chance of being a success where there's people with a modicum of talent and star power.

In "Blind Date" actress Bojana Novakovic plays Anna, a girl on a, well, blind date, except each night she has no idea which actor will play her dinner companion, there's precious little script and events are governed by feed lines via text message from the director. Oh and she can only decide which version of her character she can play at the beginning of each performance as the LA Times explains:
"We just thought, if a blind date was a piece of theater over an hour [of time], what would it look like?" Novakovic said. "We had to neutralize the plot points as much as possible and create this skeletal structure so that we didn't have any written dialogue at all."

"Just like her character Anna, Novakovic has no idea ahead of time who her "date" will be — even whether the date is male or female — until the moment the show begins. The show has attracted a diverse group of talent in the date role, including Patrick J. Adams ("Suits," "Luck"), Jason Ritter ("Parenthood"), Jeremy Sisto ("Law & Order," "Suburgatory"), Jon Huertas ("Castle"), actress Troian Bellisario ("Pretty Little Liars") and Edi Gathegi, ("Justified," "X-Men: First Class"). After brainstorming potential "dates" with Winter, producer Andrew Carlberg does the casting. "
Still could be awful or amazing (though it's more likely to be the latter). Back in the day, Richard Whiteley had an Edinburgh show in which he didn't know who he was interviewing from one day until the next. When it later transferred to television he sometimes still didn't know even when they were sitting right next to him which was awkward....

Here's a trailer for Blind Date's run in Australia:

(with credit to @DIMBLEBOT for reminding me about "WHITELEY").

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