Mulligan. Morgan. Garai.

Film If course the headline on all the rewrites of this Screen Daily article and indeed this Screen Daily article say, "Meryl Streep to play Suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst" but it's in the small print of the Empire Magazine version that the really interesting production and casting elements are. With my kean senses the rest of the article reads like this:
"... Carey Mulligan ... something something something ... writer Abi Morgan .... something something something else .... Romola Garai .... "
Mulligan. Morgan. Garai. That's quite some singularity of my interests.  Hopefully this won't be a repeat of the Your Highness debacle.  I wonder what director Sarah Gavron's been up to since Brick Lane (which was also co-written by Abi Morgan).

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