Dazzle Ship.

Art Upcoming between July and October at Tate Liverpool, in association with Liverpool Biennial and the Maratime Museum is Dazzle Ship:
"14-18NOW, Liverpool Biennial and Tate Liverpool present a joint commission by Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. Cruz-Diez will paint a contemporary version of a ‘dazzle ship’ with ‘dazzle’ camouflage in partnership with Merseyside Maritime Museum. The “Edmund Gardner”, a historic pilot ship situated in dry dock adjacent to Liverpool’s Albert Dock will become a new public monument for the city."

"‘Dazzle’ painting played a vital role in the protection of British navel and trade vessels during The First World War when it was introduced in early 1917 as a system for camouflaging ships. This ‘dazzle’ camouflage was employed to optically distort the appearance of British ships in order to confuse the German submarines who were threatening to cut off Britain’s trade and supplies. The optical illusion imposed by the ‘dazzling’ made identifying the direction the ship was travelling in difficult for the enemy submarines, meaning that calculating an accurate angle of attack was near impossible."
The Independent has further coverage.

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