Girly pop saved.

Life With one or two "small" projects outstanding, notably clearing through my old university notes and handouts, I've pretty much completed my decadal clear out. After the books, out went the many VHS off air tapes which I hadn't watched in over the decade if not longer, some of them from the 90s, audio cassettes, compilation cds which in the Spotify age are essentially playlists in plastic form and the many freebies I had lying around which had fallen out of newspapers and magazines. Soundtracks saved. Girly pop saved. Classic music, jazz and blues saved. Everything else gone.

Do I feel liberated? Yes and even moreso having also cleared through my wardrobe, plenty of which was miles too big for me since my hernia inspired and requited weight loss. But I also found a range of t-shirts and whatnot which barely fitted me before and which have now become available including The West Wing tee which has sat in my drawer since the show was on air and can now be seen in public, I think. After being man at Asda for many years, I now feel brave enough to vary my wardrobe. A bit. Or at least I will do once the weather's picked up.

 The My So-Called Life shirt will see the light of day again.

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