The Feeling Listless Soundtrack 1.0:
An Introduction.

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance on MUZU.TV.

Music Back, back in the day, over a decade ago when, before this blog matured (or became a bit rubbish) it was brave enough to do things like have its own soundtrack which would be sent out to people in the form of mix cds as prizes and that sort of thing. Some of you might still have yours. It was essentially a collection of what were then, and this is over a decade ago, favourite songs and other autobiographical choices which seemed like they evoked what the blog was supposed to be about as if the blog has supposed to be about anything.

Because it was a blog soundtrack, along with the track selections, I wrote a series of entries evoked by the music or else I simply borrowed something which had already been written either for the blog or earlier. As part of the ongoing project to collect together this ephemera back here, I thought it would be fun to repost each of the entries here, with the music too perhaps with some commentary [in square brackets].  I can't imagine there are many surprises and most if it is fairly mainstream.  But consider this a flashback to more innocent times.

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