The City of Death.

TV Whit Stillman's latest project is The Cosmopolitans, an Amazon productions pilot starring Chloe Sevigny. The two of them talk to New York Magazine about what it's about:
"“It’s supposed to be open-ended so people want more episodes,” he says. “But I think it works fine — that if this is the only thing we get to do, it will be nice. It’s sort of Metropolitan meets Barcelona in Paris.” He looks at his brunch partner and adds, “With some Last Days of Disco thrown in.”

“Sprinkled!” says ChloĆ« Sevigny, who starred in that 1998 Stillman film."
The article also brings news that Sevigny and Stillman are working on another film, "a Jane Austen pastiche called Love and Friendship, which will also star Sienna Miller".  You wait a decade for one Whit Stillman film and ...

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