Women's roles in Jacobean drama.

Radio Glancing backwards through the BBC's archives for material about John Webster and The Duchess of Malfi, I didn't find much other than a few pieces from Woman's Hour. This interview with Imogen Stubbs from 2006. Phyllida Lloyd talking about the play in 2003 when she was directing it at the National. But perhaps the most interesting is this ten minutes on women's roles Jacobean drama in general from 2006 featuring interviews with Olivia Williams, Hayley Atwell and Penelope Wilton:
"As its name suggests Jacobean drama dates from the reign of James I. The big names include Thomas Middleton, John Webster and John Ford, who revelled in writing crowd-pleasing melodramas as full-blooded as any horror movie.

"They're aptly called revenge tragedies, with murder triggering revenge leading to more grisly deaths and a high body count at the final curtain. Judi Herman has been looking at the key roles women play in these tragedies, with Lisa Hopkins, Professor of English at Sheffield Hallam University."
It's from the old, old version of the BBC website so the clip is in Real Media format but once you've downloaded the link, the stream should open fine in the separate player.

Williams is talking about the Cheek by Jowl touring production of The Changling.  There's more interviews on their website including a pre-infamy Tom Hiddleston who was so little known then, Billington didn't mention him in his Guardian review.

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