Gallifrey is Awesome.

Toys A short follow up to an earlier post. Back in April 2014, you might remember I phoned LEGO with a proposal:
"I've just phoned Lego. It was as you might expect an awesome experience. I mostly phoned Lego because I didn't want to have to try and fit the following into the comments box on the website and also to make sure that another person heard and to hear their reaction. Their reaction was that they thought it was a really innovative idea they'd not heard from anyone else. First of all I asked, "Have you heard of the television series Doctor Who?" He said that he had. Well of course he had. It's 2013 not 1994. Anyway, this is what I said next:

"If Lego made Doctor Who Lego, then all Lego becomes Doctor Who Lego."
Well, and I'm sure I had nothing to do with it but nevertheless, as you might have heard today:
"BBC Worldwide and LEGO® have announced a deal to produce a range of Doctor Who Lego, based around a proposal made by fan Andrew Clark last year."
So all Lego is Doctor Who Lego now and we all win.  How this squares with Character's attempt to create a third-party non-compatible version we'll discover if anyone starts lawyering up, but I can't bare the excitement.  Unless when it's finally released its poorly designed rubbish in which case we all lose.  I have fears that they'll go for some nonsense riff on LEGO Friends because of the gender of the Doctor's usual companions but they wouldn't do that. Would they? Either way here's the announcement video which buries the headline and features an amazing pronunciation of The Avengers.

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