Audio shada. Shada. SHADA! For a story which notoriously wasn’t completed on television, there are now a lot of alternative versions. Which is canonical now? All of them? None of them? In the context of this listen, the key moment for me turns out to be when Eighth mentions that he and Chronotis visited the Shelleys and Byron which either means they did after he dropped Mary off home, time’s been rewritten or the Doctor’s misremembering what happened in Mary’s Story, his mind replacing his older self due with the elder Time Lord due to Davros’s meddling as per Terra Firma. Unless I’m misremembering what happens in that story. Also although it was released after Neverland, it’s Lalla Romana’s first meeting with Eighth. I’ve always liked the way in adapting Douglas, Gary made sense of the Doctor returning to Cambridge to deal with unfinished business [my original review from back in 2003 is here and here's me writing about the Gareth Roberts adaptation in 2012].

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