The Company of Friends: Benny's Story.

Audio Bless Lance Parkin. The opening narration to Benny's Story pretty much confirms the implication in The Dying Days, a whole twelve years after he wrote it, that the Time Lord and the archaeologist shared a "cup of tea" making her the only companion he's had that sort of relationship with (depending on how you view River Song). But it's not awkward, presumably because they're both adults, though Lisa and Paul make them brilliantly flirty anyway. The Doctor's asexuality across the series now all looks rather strange in retrospect particular the reticence over the Grace kisses, especially since he's clearly been married at least once and Susan has to have come from somewhere (unless looms, I suppose, but still). It's a bit of an orphan - there's no particularly useful place to put it narratively. For added confusion the Doctor references Brotherhood of the Daleks which featured 6th and Charley though he remembers it happening with someone called Mila substituting for the companion he hasn't met yet. As with Mary's Story, the possibility is left hanging at the end for more stories with Eighth and Bernice. Both of them are busy with other narratives at present but on the strength of this some further adventures would be most welcome.

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