The Doctor Donna.

Audio Even though it's late, this shouldn't go without mention. Look at them. Look at them. The Big Finish logo over David's shoulder, the URL above Catherine's head, Nick doing the interviewing honours. Truly we are blessed and on the day The Underwater Menace is released on dvd too.

The full press release is here with news about writers (Jenny Colgan!  James Goss!  Matt Fitton!) and stories, oh the stories.  So many questions about how they'll sound, if they'll attempt to mimic the era or try something new and who the rest of the cast will be.

Oh and oh if it isn't listed as Volume One suggesting there'll be more of them, perhaps we'll have a whole extra season's worth or more.  Or Billie or even Freema can be convinced to return.  Or Jenny because that would be hilarious.

Interesting narrative questions. When in the fourth season will these be set?  Also there's an odd cloud over them thanks to the end of Journey's End because we know now what Donna's fate will be.  Will they foreshadow?

Matt next?  Chris?  Matt seems not unlikely especially if David's signed up although he doesn't have a lot of distance from the thing yet or perspective.  Plus unless they give him a new companion we're then in the territory of having to get Karen or Karen and Arthur back.

Nevertheless, bwilliant!  Allons-Y!

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