Steven Moffat on the Doctor's Hearts.

TV The New York Observer has a very thoughtful interview with Moffat which actually manages to get him to talk about some things in a way he's not really covered before. Some of it reads like a busked version of one of his DWM columns but it's useful and interesting to hear how he currently thinks of the character:
"We know that as an incontrovertible fact that he’s been a father in his life, and it’s not something you can dismiss or ignore. He’s capable of all that. I think he just doesn’t. This is my theory, and just the fact that I write it right now doesn’t make it more important than anyone else’s theory. I don’t think he’s incapable of feeling real love at all, in fact I think he’s quite badly susceptible to crushes, but he doesn’t seem to do anything about it. He seems to have taken the position that that is no longer what he does. He’s something of a gentleman, really, and to do all that would mean proper commitment, in his book, and he’s not really good at proper commitment. "
There's also a useful pointer right at the end as to what the Christmas episode is going to be like (even if when I read the final sentence all I could think was "Well, you wrote it...").

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