RSC's Volpone to be streamed by the BBC.

Theatre Beginning this weekend, the BBC's On Stage season will televise three plays, offer some more on radio and have a lot of documentaries about theatre. The quasi-film version of Ronald Harwood’s The Dresser starring Hopkins and McKellen does look marvelous based on the clips, but once again there's a sense, as is always the case with television these days, that theatre is something to be talked about rather than shown, far cry from days past when it was a Sunday night theatre.

But hidden in the press release, right at the bottom is:
RSC’s Volpone
BBC Arts Online
We’ll capture Trevor Nunn’s brilliant adaptation from Stratford as co-commissioned by The Space.
That's it. That's all it says.  The RSC's page is here.  Hopefully like the many operas and ballets it'll simply be available to stream on the BBC Arts website for six months, the first semi-televised broadcast of a Ben Jonson play on the BBC since the mid-60s (according to the BBC Genome).

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