Christmas Links #6

Recommended Last Posting Dates 2015:
"To help you get Christmas Sorted we’ve created a useful tool to help you remember the recommended last posting dates for destinations around the world. You can also create reminders for other important UK dates like Valentine’s and Mother’s Days."

German Gymnasium: restaurant review:
"You’d think, after all these years writing about restaurants, I’d be inured to its occasional stupidities, but I’m really not. The German Gymnasium, between London’s St Pancras and King’s Cross stations, is a case in point. I simply do not understand how the extraordinarily experienced company behind it, D&D London, can spend so many millions acquiring, converting and fitting out the building and yet be so utterly cack-handed when it comes to the food, which, relative to the build cost, is a small expense. The food also happens to be the whole point of the venture."

A Hipster Santa With a Man Bun Spotted in Portland, Oregon Wearing Jeans and a Stylish Sweater:
"A “Hipster Santa” with a man bun has been spotted at the Pioneer Place shopping mall in downtown Portland, Oregon sitting in a PDX carpet chair, wearing jeans and a stylish sweater that appears to be simlar to the one worn by “The Dude” in The Big Lebowski."

Santa's smiles better: We send Father Christmas out to spread some festive cheer in Glasgow:
"We’re supposed to be full of yuletide joy! But, with all the miserable news, you wouldn’t be blamed for just shutting your curtains tonight and praying it’s January 4 when you open them again."

No, Hanukkah is not Jewish Christmas:
"... on behalf of those unfamiliar with the Jewish festival of lights, I asked basic questions of Rabbi Motti Wilhelm, who leads Chabad of Oregon, a Jewish outreach organization based in Southwest Portland that operates Jewish schools, a synagogue, store and more. His responses have been edited for clarity and brevity."

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