This Year's Doctor Who in Pictures.

TV As you may have noticed, the theme I chose this year for illustrating my reviews of Doctor Who have been the final shot just before the opening credits.  I had assumed that this would lead to some visual reality but as you can see from the images I've reproduced below, seven of them include some part of Peter Capaldi's anatomy including five of just his face alone with the veins popping out of his forehead and three of them have Jenna Coleman (although in her only "hero" shot she's not playing Clara).

What can we draw from this?  That to an extent it confirms the Doctor as being as much of a viewpoint character as Clara this year if not more so given that he appeared in more episodes than she.  But also that the episodes clearly weren't recorded in broadcast order given the variable length of Capaldi's hair which actually seems to become shorter as the season goes on (though it's entirely possibly he simply received a haircut in the middle).  When the production dates turn up in the Pixley special, my guess is the Clara heavy material was all shot first.  We'll see.

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