Christmas Links #7

Simms Steakhouse Workers Feel Scrooged By Unexpected Christmas Duty:
"Instead of succumbing to just missing Christmas, plan another celebration with your family. Working on the holiday doesn't have to be a bad thing. With a little Christmas spirit and a great attitude, you can make the best of it. Not just for you, but for your co-workers and our guests!"

Orson Welles’s Forgotten Christmas Classic:
"In fact, Mr. Arkadin, shot throughout Europe during Welles’s nomadic exile from Hollywood, wasn’t even really finished. It was wrested away from the director after he took too long editing it. The result was different rogue cuts and no definitive version. The movie posits a mystery, but is itself a puzzle, a completist’s nightmare that has busied film scholars. And yet it’s also a great, dark Christmas movie, with gorgeous shots of snow-blanketed Munich and the saddest version of “Silent Night” ever recorded."

This Christmas Video of a Little Girl Asking Santa for Presents Is Going Viral:
"That's when Santa turns to the girl and speaks to her, in sign language, about what she wants for Christmas. The look on her face when she realizes Santa can sign is enough to turn even the grinchiest Grinch into a total holiday believer."

This novelty Christmas song only gets worse with age:
"The first time I heard “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer,” I thought it was the best Christmas song ever—which makes sense, as I was about 7 years old at the time. It’s a song that’s perfectly targeted to little kids: With wacky lyrics about a little old lady being trampled by Santa, and the somewhat lackluster response from Grandpa, it’s the epitome of “novelty holiday song.” And with every repetition of the track since that initial hearing, one thing becomes clear: This song is annoying as fuck."

This London chip shop is selling deep-fried Christmas:
"Sutton & Sons is flogging deep-fried sprouts for £2.50 a go. A battered mince pie, meanwhile, will set you back £3.50, but does come with a dollop of brandy cream. "

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