A Good Life.

Books Lovely. Bit dark in places, but lovely. Simon Gurrier's tale is also one of those Short Trips which is near impossible to talk about without ruining the twist, one which is actually so marvellous that it's a surprise it hasn't been utilised in a much longer story. The Doctor and Charley go on holiday by mistake and I don't think it's giving too much away, not everything in this idyllic rural sixteenth century village is as it seems.  This is a story about how the Doctor is forever jumping to conclusions and seeing the worst in people and sometimes gets it wrong.  In which case things are probably left well alone.  He won't intervene in time when he's aware of the problem, but what about those occasions when his morality is telling him that he should but the people involved, those affected, don't want him to, even if he thinks it's for their own good.  What makes him an arbiter just because he happens to gave randomly blundered in?  Placement:  No specific guidance but the author's suggested this.

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