... Be Forgot.

Books One of the suspensions of disbelief us fans often have to deal with when considering Doctor Who related material featuring supporting characters is why the Time Lord doesn't appear whenever they're fighting the big battles, why he wasn't there during Children of Earth or Miracle Day to save them all, a syndrome typical of shared universes narratives. Not having kept up with Professor Bernice Summerfield's adventures I'm not sure of the war that's caused the emotional scars in this intricately written Short Trip about one of her Christmases, but she asks the question we simply don't hear often enough when the lonely God finally drops in, "Where the hell were you?" Typically he doesn't have an answer. Actually he probably does. It's probably a sentence which includes the words "fixed", "point" and "time" somewhere in there which is easy to say to strangers but less justifiable to friends and family especially if it's about the people they care about.  Eighth confirms to Benny here my theory that if he's aware of the original history he simply can't go back and change it.  If he'd stumbled into whatever it was half way through it would have been fine but he heard about it retrospectively so that was that.

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