Never Say Never Ever.

Music The All Saints are back again and unlike the proper Sugababes actually have an album coming out which is just so typically All Saints and also so typically proper Sugababes. There's the inevitable interview, with ID (of course) which isn't just a typical fluff piece as Mel B (no not that one) goes off-piste on why it went wrong last time:
…and this was looking back on the last All Saints comeback, which you'd previously said you'd done for the right reasons. You said: "I don't think we did it for the right reasons, I did it for the money…"
Shaz: (To Mel) Did you?
Mel: Yes, because I didn't like it.
And there's more: "It wasn't like we felt we had something to give back to the world."
Shaz: No way! Well that's her own opinion.
Mel: Well that was just me. My heart wasn't really in it.
Nic: That was Mel personally, but it wasn't all of us.
Mel: But it was absolutely how I felt. Because you know what, we got signed [to Parlophone] having not made one piece of music. They signed the idea of us getting back together. I felt fraudulent from that moment on and it didn't feel like a real thing.
It goes on but that explains a lot.

  As I said at the time (ten years ago, this blog is old) the single, Rock Steady was fine but a bit inauthentically All Saints.

Listening now, it's not bad and certainly retains the London sound and does fit within previous strategies, but it doesn't splash in the way it needed to, feeling more like a third or fourth single off the album rather than "Wow, the All Saints are back, back, back!"

The problem was it turned out to be the strongest track on the subsequent album which sounded mediocre in comparison to the solo work of Mel, Shaznay and the Appletons.

The new album's called Red Flag which makes it a bit difficult to find on Amazon but I'll pre-ordered it anyway when it's made available.

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