All Snaits.

Music All Saints have a cover story in The Observer today and the interview does the usual business. For example they have to explain to the interviewer what Dinner Date is during a discussion about the kinds of television they watch:
What programmes are we talking about? 
Natalie: All the Housewives …

Melanie: Whatever is the worst TV you can imagine – we watch worse than that [laughs]. I like fighting, swearing …

Nicole: She likes fighting, swearing, drinking. A lot of sex. Mel actually got me into a few that I didn’t even know … Dinner Date.

Sorry, what’s Dinner Date?

Melanie: Whaaaaat!

Nicole: It’s amazing. It’s like Come Dine With Me crossed with Blind Date in someone’s house.

Melanie: There’s no sex on that one though. That’s like a daytime one.
There's also a section about Mel's socks. No, me either.  I wonder if they've ever shopped in All Saints.

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