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Film In the midst of a fairly bog standard rewrite of a press release at The Hollywood Reporter about how Warner Bros is producing twelve films for the Chinese market including Miss Congeniality and Blended (yes, that Blended), is the news that my favourite film of all time is receiving the same treatment. I think. Um:
"When Larry Meets Mary (romantic comedy) — Wen Zhang directs Song Jia and Bao Beier in a story that proves it takes time to find true love."
I mean it has to be, hasn't it?  Although When Harry Met Sally had a range of distributors across the world back in the day, Palace Pictures (would you believe) for the theatrical and then MGM in the home market (accounting for the rubbish transfer on the dvd) the original production company, Castle Rock is currently owned by Warner Bros.

Here then are the new Harry and Sally, I mean Larry and Mary, Bao Beier and Song Jia:

The director Wen Zhang is mainly known for his acting, although he does have a television credit.

Well, I'm intrigued as I always am with remakes.  How much of the original script and characterisation will survive?  Or the structure?  Anyway, a Google Alert has been set up and I'll keep you posted.

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