Amazon Prime Studio, a list.

Film Almost this time last month, I wrote about how it was possible to find out which items a studio had available on Amazon Prime through the search box.

A month later I've realised I was overdoing a problem which Amazon had fixed themselves.

On this page it's possible to see all of the studios participating in their video on demand service.

Click each of those and it's possible to see all the films on offer from that studio.

From there you can also click to see what's available through Prime.

They don't have subscription streaming deals with all the studios (Netflix and NowTV and whoever having tied up the rights to others), but here's a list of everything on Prime by distributor, sorted by date added.


Entertainment One

Film Chest

High Fliers



Momentum Pictures

The Movie Partnership

MVP-Screen Media

NBC Universal

Twentieth Century Fox

Studio Canal

Warner Bros

WHE Orbital

As you can see some of them are actual studios and others are redistributors for other material.  Film Chest looks like old Hollywood stuff which has fallen out of copyright and the are classic home release distributors.

In terms of interest I'm not sure how useful this is other than as the digital equivalent of those booklets which fall out of dvds listing all the wares that studio has to offer and in at least being able to see which studios has done deals with for future reference.

The accuracy is interesting.  Hannibal is listed as the sole MGM release but is presumably here because Universal had the original UK domestic distribution rights.

Netflix sidebar:

Netflix is odd.  If you search for Disney or Netflix you get everything Disney or Netflix.  But search for Curzon or Artificial Eye or Paramount or any of the other studios whose content they have it treats it as a proper name.

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