On my blog: Twitter at ten.

About The social media microblogging website "Twitter" has reached its tenth anniversary today. I have mixed feelings about Twitter. On the one hand, I can't imagine what being online would be like in 2016 without Twitter, and as you'll see, the number of opportunities and events which have happened to me because of this social media microblogging website mean that I can't be anything but pleased about its existence. Except, part of me wonders what's been lost as, along with the rival "Facebook", it's become the backbone of just the internet and how we interact with the internet but also society.

Before Twitter, all this was discussion boards, email, blogs and RSS feeds and part of me wonders if they experience then was richer simply because everything was simply more purposeful because in order to fully utilise them you required much greater agency, you genuinely felt like you were surfing. Now everything is sort of pushed through a pipe that drips at a hundred and forty characters at a time, it's more like standing under that pipe with a bucket. And the problem is, if you try and stop, because everything falls down the mountain into that pipe now, you'll end up dehydrated even though there's enough water around to drown but you're ignoring because it feels so damn hard.

Anyway, for all that, let's celebrate by looking at some of the ways this blog has interacted with Twitter across the past ten years.

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