The Exorcism of BBC Three.

TV BBC Three's promo channel and ghost version with a schedule is coming to an end at the close of the month reports a516digital. Just you be ready in pub quizzes of the future to argue the toss over whether Gavin and Stacey was the last programme to be aired by the channel on television:
"BBC Three has been broadcasting a secret schedule of favourites from the BBC Three archives since the channel made its move from linear TV to an online service in February. Initially, the channel broadcast three hours of programming every night, dropping later to two a night, a move required for the channel to keep its channel slot on Sky. The remaining hours have been filled by a looped promotional video advertising the move online."

"Episodes of Murder in Successville are scheduled to run between 2 and 4am on Thursday 31st March 2016, before the channel is removed for good from linear TV platforms."
There you have it, BBC Three on television has decided to go out with some bitter irony, at least in title terms.

The A-Z list of the channel's programme content continues here now linked from the front page of BBC Three iPlayer page again, albeit at the bottom.

Most of the new stuff has expiries of three to twelve months but it'll be interesting to see what's left when the ghost BBC broadcasts go completely at the end of April.

 a516digital thinks that the channel is only really broadcasting two hours of regular content a week at the moment, which would be the drama Thirteen and Sex In Strange Place, the Stacey Dooley documentary.  Both have five month expiries so after a while the selection will pile up again, but the channel has to be careful to look like it has a richer offering if it's to prove that going online can work as a viable option and haven't simply replaced a television channel with a content rich blog.

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