Shakespeare on Merseyside.

Radio The BBC has announced local radio's contributions to their Shakespeare festival which includes Radio Merseyside and would you believe:
"BBC Radio Merseyside will be delving into the story of actress Sarah Siddons who played Hamlet in Liverpool in 1778. At a time when actresses were still associated with prostitutes, Siddons took pains to lead an exemplary life as a respectable married woman.

Although her husband was a respected actor, she was really the family’s breadwinner, the brighter talent and the bigger draw at the box office.

Siddons’ ground-breaking Hamlet extended the possibilities for actresses on stage and paved the way for a flock of others to follow suit.

Frances De La Tour and Maxine Peake are just two of the actresses who’ve tackled the role of Hamlet while Fiona Shaw and Frances Barber have played other male roles."
Which seems like is going to be a documentary, but all I've found is this longer story (which is still well worth reading).  Nevertheless there's a page at the Shakespeare on Tour website collecting stories connecting Shakespeare to Merseyside.

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