"an unutterable joy"

Magazines Low Culture has a oral history piece about the making of the original Doctor Who Adventures and it's an unutterable joy as they describe the churn of having to fill an eventually weekly magazine with fresh material. Example:
"Natalie Barnes took over as editor in 2011, and one of her brilliant ideas was to have interviews with the monsters, posing the very trickiest questions sent in by our readers. I had to take on the persona of the Siren from The Curse of the Black Spot, which was easier said than done as she didn’t say a single word. To get around this problem, I gave her the personality of Amy Childs from The Only Way Is Essex, which had just started, and proceeded accordingly."
I bought the comic through the first year until it became too expensive mainly for the comic strips which were written by alum from the wilderness years and frequently contained references to Big Finish stories, especially when Alan Barnes was writing.  Mephistopheles Arkadian from the Gallifrey spin-off even turned up in one story.  Bonkers.

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