Orphaned Black.

TV Some news you might have missed yesterday amid the Panama Papers and everything else which was happening. It looks as though BBC Three have lost the rights to Orphan Black (which is a BBC America series) to Netflix and it premieres in the UK (and the rest of the world next Friday, publishing within twenty-four hours of the UK broadcast on a weekly basis.

Yes, the same day as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (because females are strong as hell).

Basically you don't pay for the streaming service you're snookered, unless BBC Three have retained some kind of second run rights, although given the cut in budget that seems unlikely. Vodzilla has a longer version of the story. 

On the one hand I'm very excited not to have wait six months a UK appearance but the BBC fan part of me recognises with some sadness how the UK corporation has finally divested itself of its last ongoing imported US drama, albeit one which is produced by one of its international commercial arms.

Is the world really a better place now that six o'clock on BBC Two is all about Eggheads and not starships and vampire slayers?

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