Film In 2015 when I named Chalet Girl as my favourite film of 2011, little did I think that she'd be the female lead in a Star Wars spin-off film about the capture of the Death Star plans and yet there she is.  The trailer is peak franchise service, of course, resembling a massively budgeted fan film of the kind which crop up on or YouTube nevertheless it's entirely thrilling and I can't imagine it won't do similar business to The Force Awakens when it's released at the end of the year.

Having originated with Lord of the Rings, the baton passed to Harry Potter and then back to The Hobbit, Disney/Lucasfilm have grabbed it from Warners and are gone.  Between main series releases and anthology spin-offs, they could potentially own Christmas for years to come.  None of us could have imagined a decade ago that we'd potentially be getting a Star Wars film a year.  How could Warners have got one of their crown jewels quite so wrong?

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