Lockdown Links #1

A Dose of Doctor Who

Author Lance Parkin has made his sublime Eighth Doctor novel, The Dying Days available to download as a .pdf for twenty four hours.
Old readers will know it was the basis for a project during my MA dissertation (holy shit) fifteen years ago.

Today's film recommendation:

Fast Color is still on Netflix.  Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a woman with supernatural powers on the run from the government.  A laid back indie superhero film with that magic quality of being just short enough to leave you wanting more.


University of Liverpool Lunchtime concert series goes online:
"This is where we live stream a range of concert and events, you can find the listings on our Concerts and Events page. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!"

The Wind in the Willows: The Music is free:
"As theatres are forced to close their doors, we're making The Wind in the Willows the Musical available to stream online for free. The film was recorded live at the London Palladium in 2017. Please note this is currently only available in the UK."

The Digital Concert Hall now free for everyone:
"The Philharmonie Berlin is closed until 19 April to help contain the coronavirus. But the orchestra will continue to play for you – in the Digital Concert Hall. The Berliner Philharmoniker invite you to visit their virtual concert hall free of charge." [via]

Celebrate Our Cinemas: Edgar Wright On The Importance Of Saving The Big Screen Experience:
"As cinemas temporarily close worldwide in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, filmmaker Edgar Wright writes exclusively for Empire about the importance of protecting the big-screen experience, and how we can help save our favourite cinemas."

Around the world from your sofa: British Library to put rare globes online:
"Examples include 1679 pocket globe and 1730 terrestrial globe showing California as an island."

The mystery of the Spectator Index, one of the internet’s biggest news sources:
"On Twitter it's bigger than the Times or Good Morning Britain, but this news source has no reporters, no fact-checkers – and until now, its owner has never been named. Who is behind The Spectator Index?"

Beyond Bargain Hunt: your definitive guide to the wonders of daytime TV:
"What’s the best thing on BBC One? Is there more to Two than interior design? Do the Loose Women really all hate each other? Our veteran TV-watcher has some stay-at-home tips."

Birds of Prey gets an early VOD release on March 24:
"Will Harley get to enjoy an egg sandwich? Soon you'll be able to find out in the comfort of your own home."

Tomorrow's World - Executive Toys:
"Returning to the subject of futuristic offices, in this item James Burke investigates new toys to eradicate boredom from the lives of lonely executives. Despite the presence of motorised drinks holders, balls on springs and many toys that utilise magnets, the view seems to be that life as a high-flying executive won't be all that enjoyable in tomorrow's world."

So you’re stuck at home. Here’s a guide to finding great art while in isolation:
"So you’re stuck at home. There’s a pandemic. What to do?"

Today's album:

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