Some Doctor Who novel recommendations.

Books Now that we're all increasingly in lock down waiting to see which way the apocalypse goes, I thought I'd post a few lists of recommendations for things to keep you company. Although some of us introverts have been training all our lives for this, it's not difficult to foresee some of us climbing the walls, so I hope this offers you some comfort. At least you're at home.

Anyway, first up, a list of suggestions for brilliant Doctor Who novels, one per trad incarnation. The should all be available on Kindle to save you going to the shops. Some of them are just a couple of pounds at the moment.

1: The Witch Hunters - Steve Lyons

2: The Wheel of Ice - Stephen Baxter

3: Last of the Gaderene - Mark Gattis

4: The Death Pit - A L Kennedy

5: Sands of Time - Justin Richards
(NB: I haven't read this.  But I haven't read any fifth Doctor MDA or PDAs and this is definitely available)

6: Players - Terrance Dicks

7: The Hollow Men - Keith Topping and Martin Day

8: The Gallifrey Chronicles - Lance Parkin

War: Engines of War - George Mann

9: The Monsters Inside - Steve Cole

10: Prisoner of the Daleks - Trevor Baxendale

11: Touched by an Angel - Jonathan Morris

12: Big Bang Generation - Gary Russell

13: At Childhood’s End - Sophie Aldred

If a few of those are from the Monsters series rerelease, it's because most of the 90s novels aren't available digitally.  But fortunately what has been republished is the crème de la crème.  If only more of this old stuff was still in circulation.

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