Love in the Time of Covid-19.

Life You've probably already seen that post title elsewhere but it's been knocking around my head for a few days like some blogger earwig so I'm using it at the top there just get it out of my system. So here we all are. Everything's closed and most of us are stuck at home.  I've been shifted to home-working which is going to be strange when my weekly shift pattern starts but there'll still be plenty to getting on with.

Anyway, in an attempt to keep myself a little bit busy and try and do something to contribute to keeping us all sane, I've decided to offer something akin to Christmas Links for the duration. Some of it will about about the lockdown and the reasons for the lockdown and the rest will be the usual fair you'd expect from a link blog.  Might not be every day, but I'll try my best and see what happens.  The first post will pop up in an hour or so.  Take care.

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