Blog! It seems only fair at this juncture to acknowledge the weblogs I’ve been reading this year. If you aren’t on this list, it isn’t because I don’t love you it’s just that I had to pick some didn’t I?

Sore Eyes John always has a habit of offering the links which always seem just out of my grasp, on subjects I’m always interested in. Recently the discussion sections have become as intelligent and interesting as the actual weblog, proving that communities spring up everywhere.

Wrzl Weblog Something with quality and quantity. Sometimes you just want to go on-line to play games, act a little bit strange or silly or just be laddish. Haven’t yet visited and not found something exhilarating or unusual.

4fs Says all of the things you wish you could say in a way you wish you could say them. A sort of angry version of Douglas Adams.

In Passing... because it's fractured humanity reflecting in on itself. And really funny.

Boing Boing Of the 'big' weblogs, I've had the most enjoyment here this year. Easier to read than /., less difficult to love than Mefi.

See also ... linkmachinego, online blog, scotblog, Rebecca Blood, Wheadonesque, Outpost Gallifrey, Soap Box Girls, The Uncool, Salty, Gawker ...

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