Everything else So alright it has been a surprising year in someways. Which is why I’m having difficulty thinking of a fifth; I could take the fifth at this juncture, but that wouldn’t be funny, so we’ll open a file called, ’everything else’ and offer this list: Buffy musical ‘Once More With Feeling’; Alanis Morissette in good album shocker; Neil Young is back again; so is Beverly Knight; and so is Bob Dylan; Oasis think they are but they really aren’t; Liberty X go to prove that no one knows anything by releasing something intelligible; Mylene from ‘Hearsay’ to go classical; Jade from ‘Big Brother’ hasn’t released a single; and while we’re on the subject did anyone see that Anna Nolan travelogue where she visited a sex commune? John Major had an affair with Edwina Curry (this is music related – OK it isn’t, but MY GOD!); David Byrne is cool again; Atomic Kitten still aren’t (penultimate mention – last one in April – has it really been nine months?); Toyah murders her own ‘I want to be free’ on ‘Songs of Praise’; Shakira; someone decided that Grandmaster Flash would be the perfect compare for the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony (he wasn’t); Bill Bailey fits in well on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’; the ‘Back to the Future’ moment in ‘The Two Towers’.

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