Jarvis Cocker With Pulp dumped by their record label, and Jarvis heading off to Paris, the only thing left to do in this country was to appear on 'Celebrity Stars In Their Eyes'. The whispers started as soon as the tv guides began to preview the performance, people either shrugging and lamenting a once fine music career, or smiles at the ironic brilliance of the man. Then the show aired. I don't actually remember what Matthew Kelly said to Cocker, or vise versa. All I can see (and hear) clear is the moment when the musician said 'Tonight Matthew I'm going to be Rolf Harris' and there he was moments later in the beard. And he really was channeling the spirit of a young Rolf, and for moments we were back in the seventies, with Rolferoos about. The perfect finale would have been the appearance of a hundred school children, all cross legged as Jarvis threw out a painting of John Peel. But the fact that he won the contest was brilliance enough. I'm so happy I never watch ITV. You can however catch it again on New Year Eve as part of that Jamie Theakston introduced clip show.

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