T-A-T-U This is one of those occasions were it ddidn't matter what you were doing, you suddenly had to drop everything, run to the screen and sit slack jawed. The last time this happened was at college, when one night, in a packed student union, the interminable Robert Altman film 'Pret a Porter' was being shown on the big screen. The night was OK, not brilliant. Then suddenly all of the men in the room put their pints down, almost in unison, and glared at the screen. As a friend described, 'There was a catwalk, an' all these girls 'an they were naked.' Scene finished and the embarrassed half the room looked back into their girlfriend's faces.

So I'm minding my own business, tidying my room ready for Christmas, and I've got 'The Music Factory' (Freeview version of Mtv) playing in the background. It's 2:30 in the afternoon. It was one of those rare occasions when five promos had been played which weren't Nellyville or Blue. This song appears which is catchy in a sub-Groovejet sort of way. I glance at the screen to see the video, and two over aged school girls are being stared at through some fencing in the rain. And then they start to kiss.

 Now this isn't some peck on the cheek; whatever the motives this is full on passion, that scene in 'Cruel Intentions' with other things on their mind. I'm old enough to remember the uproar which surrounded the antics of Beth Jordache on 'Brookside'. Which was the most surprisingly aspect -- this was on during the afternoon, pre-watershed. Over and over. Russian lesbianism is suddenly acceptable for TV. And I thought this sort of thing only happened on Buffy.

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