Film Being something of a fan of 'The Blair Witch Project' I was intrigued to see the film which may have inspired it, 'The Last Broadcast'. Over much of its hour and half, an intriguing story is slowly revealed which grips with the standard of mystery makers, the unknown. Then, stunningly it all goes horribly wrong. As Mark Kermode writes:
"All this would be a neat enough trick were it not for the film's final act which breaks out of the pseudo-documentary format and jumps suddenly and ill-advisedly into the realms of misjudged drama, replete with widescreen masking, smooth camera moves and even the occasional crane shot."
It's hard to fathom how film makers who have show some obvious talent over the previous moments in the film should suddenly forget the kind of film they are trying to make. Instead of being in a state of terror, I'm left with general bemusement. Not good.

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