TV And so Peter from The Brady Bunch wins 'Fame Academy' (oh alright David). This isn't a show I've ever spent much time over despite the absolute blanket coverage across the BBC networks (except BBC4 -- odd really). What I watched was late at night on BBC Choice when I was too tired to reach for the remote. Tonight was the first time I actually bothered to watch a live finale (I was at a friend's house), and going in cold, on points pint sized Irish blonde version of Sophie Ellis Bextor, Sinead was the more obvious winner. Dave seemed just too good -- in that Pop Idol way. The chick rocker had more passion, more integrity (despite the Ronan Keating duet), and looked really good in that Matrixy leather jacket. Let's hope gutsy earthy bits of her aren't tuned out by some plastic producer.

Travel It's abit late to book anything, but here are Conde Naste suggestions for a festive get away. It's a pretty standard list, full of places you would want to visit any time of the year, but it is good to see Edinburgh on the list -- why anyone would want to leave our land mass when that metropolitan eden is up there I've no idea. Some will argue about the weather, but Prague is hardly the rim of the sun hot at this time of the year either.

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