Music Waiting for my Dad to arrive last night so that we could go and buy the Christmas Tree from a florist which is open late into the evening, I found myself brousing through the charity shops nearby. Because most of these places are run by volunteering pensioners (bless em) there always seems to be a disproportionate pricing policy on anything not made of fabric. In Barnardos for example, there must be a rule that all cds are a fiver no matter who they are, what they are and what condition they're in. Five Star's 'Strong as Steel' or a cover disc from the NME, doesn't matter. Last night I did manage to find a ex-rental fifth hand copy of the Ed Zwick movie 'Leaving Normal' ('Thelma and Louise' with a happy ending) for three quid. But only after my hand had hovered away from the Rosemay Conolly excercise video nearby ...

Most charity shops seem to relish their static vinyl collections. These are boxes which frequently don't look like they've been rifled through in years and always have the same James Last album at the front. TV Cream (bless em too) have surveyed the long players usually found in these boxes with stunning accuracy:
Wendy James and her menacing looks galvanised the overly-purple cover of this 1989 definer which had a predictable postscript of failure around it, confirmed by the band's inability to do anything worthy afterwards. Containing the four hits of the year - Wendy screaming, Wendy rocking, Wendy balladeering, Wendy whispering - the album sold well, of course, but the ever-presence of the album in the bins and on the walls with big, cover-tearing discount stickers suggested that the record company were over-zealous in their estimates... "
In case you were wondering, I'm in current ownership of:
THE KIDS FROM FAME - The Kids From Fame
FLEETWOOD MAC - Tango in the Night

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