Also 'Far From Heaven' -- 'Pleasantville' for adults, which cleverly offers a coherent, heartfelt, engrossing film even for people who haven't seen the Douglas Sirk movies it's supposed to homage. Should win some Oscars, but won't.
'The Scarlett Empress' from a few years ago features The Doctor in Paul McGann model questing across Terry Pratchett style planet in a Tardis shaped like a London Bus. Mostly interesting, although much of the landscape is difficult to imagine so the story suffers as a result.
'Truth Drug' Rosalie Deighton is another significant almost ran in a classy but mostly unheard album which is certain as good as Dido and Vanessa Charlton's output.
'The FreeWheelin' of Bob Dylan was the album I listened to through seven years of Fine Art at school on a tape my Art Teacher would put on every hour of every day. I need to start listening to some of the great musicians and working my way slowly through Bob's back catalogue seems like a good place to start.
'My Confession', the solo album from Jamie Benson someone from Hepburn features the writing talent of Bryan Adams, Susanna Hoffs, ahem Chesney Hawkes and Lennon ... Farrell Lennon, has some curiousity value from the writing team alone. Just a shame it's not too good. An overproduced nightmare in fact which makes Melanie C's career look like a great idea, the only half decent track a misunderstood karaoke cover of Lisa Loeb's 'Stay'. Despite having a decent singing voice, Jamie hasn't appeared on SM:TV. I would direct her to the quote from another singer above...
The Lost Episode of Blankety Blank -- still lost at 12:30 in the morning on the Comic Relief telethon last night. The period perfect production we've come to expect from the team behind 'Look Around You' and 'Rock Profiles' brought a startlingly real idea of what might have happened if Johnny Rotten had been booked as a guest at the same time as Ruth Maddock and Sue Pollard. Peter Serafinowicz presented a scary mimic of seventies Wogan and Simon Pegg enjoyed his turn as Freddy Starr. Just a joy. Hopefully it'll turn up on the 'Look Around You' DVD coming soon ... [as a side note I just saw on Matt Lucas IMDb CV he's playing Anakin Skywalker in the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' video game. Bet Simon Pegg was gutted.]

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